by Alpha Ascension

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This is the debut Alpha Ascension full-length! It's 45 minutes of crushing dynamic and immersive death metal that'll make you want to punch SHIT in the BALLS!!!


released May 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Alpha Ascension Boise, Idaho

Alpha Ascension is a one-man progressive death metal band from Boise, Idaho.

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Track Name: From Green to Amber
Bury me at the center of the earth
A small gift, from me to this world
Diseased lands are forever broken
Humanity to blame for this abolition
The Ocean, a swamp for human refuse, deserts and mountains subject to our abuse
Bury me within the roots of the earth, atone for the ignorance of my kind
Afterlife given to the flora of the soil
My body with the worms at the center of the earth
From green to amber, miasma are the skies
Of serpents and kings, regression of mankind
Global consciousness has regressed to the roots of the earth
Their ivory tower on its last brace, falling from grace
The flowers and trees disintegrate with the spiders and the flies
Turning to amber and stone
Sacred soil my new home, afterlife underneath the forest floor
Track Name: Split Second Infinity
Underneath this oak tree I turn off all the oxygen
The rope doesn't snap so I slowly slip away
Time slows down
The colors from the sky are dripping all around me
Shards of earth, like broken glass shattering
Inside infinity, anesthetized towards the pain
Anemic dreams on this plane
Silhouettes besiege me, faceless yet receiving
Into view my lover and my daughter, scarred and bleeding
Silhouettes in eternity, haunted by my own memories
I question this reality, in this split second infinity
Haunted by the visions of my lover and kin
Beset in this aura of no salvation
Still stares grow cold, emaciated in my sight
All the warmth and my love taken for the second time.
Track Name: Enslaved to The Dollar
The Great Hydra awakens to the age of darkness
the serpent rising to strike at the overseers
Long dormant, vengeful avatar
Demigod of wrath, icon of retribution
We are enslaved to the greed of a chosen few,
their dollars cast our futures in endless servitude
Long dormant, vengeful avatar
Demigod of wrath, icon of retribution
arise now and defeat our masters, break these chains that enslave us to the dollar!
I am disgusted by the evil I see in them
their souls are devoid of all human character
They are the reason I shall never fail myself, so I may live to see their putrid lives obliterated,
Enslaved to the dollar
Our lives are bound by man's selfish desires
We shall never rise on these tainted wings
They shape the world as they see fit with paper green death
Dictating and shaping every aspect of our lives

I am disgusted by the evil I see in them
their souls are devoid of all human character
They are the reason I shall never fail myself, so I may live to see their putrid lives obliterated
Be silent. Be broken. Be crushed by the weight of consequence, motherfucker.
Track Name: Aethereus Matrix
Utopian visions within the mind, the gateway to eternity
Enthralled and enamoured by the world within
To counteract the hatred of the spiteful ones,

we manifest our heavens and carry the light ever within
This vessel of unceasing purpose
The power
We remain untouched by the darkness of the world
we can only be destroyed from without... rise!
Rising above the falsehoods and hypnosis of reality
and the degradation of society
unraveling the mysteries within, becoming one with the aethereus matrix
Eternally eager to despoil their kingdom
To destroy everything they have worked towards
to see it come crashing down in a fiery maelstrom of death, destruction; torment awaits them
I await Omega and the ending of days
Now to find meaning beyond death and pain
Now to find the way home
Now to find meaning beynd death and pain
So ever inwards shall my hope lie
my fears shall fall away, Forever
become no more, i have found my peace
So much more to imagine
So much more to see
The perfect world within
I have found eternity
Track Name: Bestriding a Dead World
Eclipsed by the shine of distant stars burning through the cold of night, the works of man are forever enshadowed by sins of forgotten eons. The proud cities of barons bereft of compassion assimilate the endless tide of new world acolytes, feeding upon the tired flesh of the only world.
What horrors she has witnessed in her agonizing demise. What generous host she has played to corrupted kings and spiteful lords through ages of darkness. Her vengeance will be like no other, she shall despoil the ambitions of tyrants. She shall animate the waters of retribution. All shall feel the furious wrath of her molten heart.
Beneath towers of steel the elite proclaim our ascension to godhood. They set the stage for the total enslavement of the individual mind. Their visions are rising to strike at the heart of human purpose. The banners of ignorance fly high in the fell wind that spills across our tainted shores. They look upon the masses in loathing and declare the society to be civil. They have achieved nothing.
A living crescondo of human consciousness deafens the voice of reason that has become a whisper, now nothing more than an echo of the sacred hourglass endlessly turning. Our silent and distant keeper has abandoned us in our final hour of need, the once divine eyes of the architect now averted in shame. Prayers of salvation starving for heaven fall to earth and are swallowed by the madness of the human experience as it surges like a viral tide against the walls of progress.
Walk now with me as a mute witness to the final sunrise of humanity, wreathed in roiling bloodfire.
Track Name: Drawn And Quartered
Darkness turns to light as the child is conceived
In the room of controlled deliverance.
Unknown voices assail the senses.
Hardwired to evolve past the early stages of weakness
the child's body matures into a deadly combat system.
Formed by the pre-existing common notions of man, the mind is receptive to all but the esoteric impulse.
Free from thought or self desire, the lapdog is ready to serve.
Conditioned and bred to enforce the mandates of the prevailing wills.
One face in a sea of blank slates, one of many acolytes.
Poised and prepared to drown the light of democracy.
The boy no more the man evolves into the implement.
Never knowing why he serves the fascist machinations, eternally lost, beaten and broken, drawn and quartered.
Invoking the wrath, drawing the ire of the free spirits.
Notions of sanity broken against walls of psychonditioning.
Without second thought as to the consequence, the demon child eradicates the hazards of free thought.
Systematically removing the threat of enlightenment and understanding.
Rewarded for his actions against the radical unbelievers.
Sweeping aside the old ways, burning the fields of hope, exterminating the vermin that cling to the fallacies of honor and archaic virtues.
No light shall touch this man of singular purpose and action, no man shall break his spirit of unceasing vengeance.
Tempered by hatred from conception to his final victory.
The demon from the depths unleashed to bring the world to order.
This beast assumes the role of judge, jury, executioner.
A waste of mankind's vast potential and promise.
Track Name: Hydra Omnaris
Rising from the ashes of the death of reason
A new hopeful star ascends
Fighting to gain ground, burdened yet unbroken
The weight of enlightenment a constant reminder of our mortal boundaries
Brothers and sisters united against darkness
In every corner of this earth the light shall find its way, and dispel the evil that has ruined our mighty temples.

Every city shall bring forth their chosen, to lead the crusade and overthrow the vultures
We are legion, we are one voice
We are the embodiment of the mighty serpent, the will of forsaken men from the depths of time.
Their souls implore me to enact great vengeance.
Unite now, in every city, Hydra Omnaris, rise and defeat
Seek justice for the hate and inhumanity, of eons.
We shall write this final chapter in the blood of many.
The tired faces of this broken generation,
Lost and alone, paralyzed with fear
As far from the zenith of evolution as is conceivable
Rise to attain our legacy
What legacy awaits us in the shadows of today, the darkness of tomorrow?

A new age of war descends upon us, hail the mighty serpent!
Track Name: Psalm of Annihilation
All too eager to condemn those that do not conform to their doctrine.
Casting aside their fellow man in favor of dogmatic pursuit.
A reflection of the God they serve; a vile mockery of divine benevolence.
A massing of weak minds within walls of judgment, where the seeds of lies are sown and the preacher recites his falsehoods to empty personas.
1,000 denominations claiming to know the truth, controlling and shaping the fate of millions of wayward souls.
Unending deception of desperate maggots that feed the fires of ignorance with false hope, ensuring the facade lives on.
The culmination of centuries of manipulation by religious puppet masters and spiteful demagogues.
Endure now the aegis of truth, scum, for there has come a reckoning.
Your pathetic church will die and the earth shall rejoice in the death of your beliefs.
Track Name: Deny Them Their Victory
Overcome the pain of this forsaken life!
Now we have come to the crossroad of life, the path of destruction, the road to liberation
Now is the time to decide our fates: no god shall save me, no man controls my life,
Standing on the edge of oblivion, the unknown is calling, awaiting my repentance,
never shall I regret a single moment of this life, the waking hours filled with wonder and a sense of purpose
None shall overcome my desire to make my dreams a reality, or to overcome the pain that besets me.
I shall rise against the ones that would enslave me, and lead me to my grave.
I shall die on my feet rather than live on my knees
Racing against the hourglass, finding true meaning through actions and knowledge
Hunting down phantoms of wisdom and virtue, chasing the immortal promise now within my grasp
Deny them the victory they crave: overcome the odds, outlive the darkness!
Deny the fucks the victory they crave! lash out with your hatred, destroy them with your fury
A sickness pervades the ruling class, it festers within hearts of malice

Deny them the victory they crave: overcome the odds, outlive the darkness!
Deny the fucks the victory they crave! lash out with your hatred, destroy them with your fury
A sickness pervades the ruling class, it festers within their corrupted souls
A sickness pervades the ruling class, it festers within
They fear the power within us now, we shall be their fucking bane!
I shall see every moment fulfilled, and leave this world a better place, despite the motherfuckers
Deny them their victory
Now become the embodiment of everything they detest, and wish to see brought low, brought to your knees
Stand the fuck up!
"When your time comes to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with fear of death, so that when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home."